Monthly Runs
MonthE 63B 15L-39
Monthly Runs
MonthE 63B 15L-39

4 Fires on the Night Tour in the Occupied Nort Bronx


Sunday, November 2, 2014 A few hours into the night tour, Bronx Communications sounded box 3492 reporting the address 3031 Barnes Avenue for smoke in the building. As companies responded the Bronx C.O. notified Battalion 15 that they were receiving a couple more phone calls for smoke and fire in the basement. On arrival, Ladder 32 promptly transmitted the 10-75 for fire in the basement of a 3-story 25x60 non-fireproof multiple dwelling. Fire was quickly knocked down in the basement by Engine 62 however, trucks on the upper floors were reporting extension into the first and second floors. Battalion 15 quickly transmitted a second alarm to combat worsening conditions. Under the direction of the Battalion 15 commander, Engine 63 was ordered to start a third line into the building. Fire extending towards the cockloft and roof was quickly knocked down and fully extinguished by responding units before escalating into a major fire. The fire stayed at a second alarm and Division 7 had the command. Just a couple hours later Bronx dispatchers were again sending out a phone alarm into Box 3627, the address 3548 Holland Avenue at East 212th street for smoke coming from the 2nd floor ceiling. On arrival Ladder 32 again transmitted the 10-75 with smoke pushing the top floor and cornice of a 2-story flat roof 25x40 private dwelling. Engine 63 quickly stretched a second line to back up Engine 62 on the top floor. Fire was located in the ceiling of a couple rear bedrooms with minimal extension into the cockloft. Quick work by Ladders 32,51, and 39 to open up for the engines helped keep damage to a minimum and the fire was knocked down mainly using the initial hand line. Battalion 15 used All-Hands on arrival and Division 7 brought the fire under control within 30 minutes. Again around 0445 Hours, both companies received the ticket for Box 3647 reporting the area of Boston Road and Fenton Avenue for smoke from a building. On arrival companies had nothing showing but the definitive odor of a building fire. After searching a few different blocks, Engine 38 arrived in front of 3356 Seymour Avenue, a 1-story 75x60 non-fireproof rectory/church hall with smoke pushing. Battalion 15 transmitted the 10-75 and companies quickly went to work gaining entry to the building. As entry was made by Ladder 51, heavy smoke began billowing out on the 1-side of the building. Two lines were rapidly stretched into the building where fire was found in an electrical AV room and storage area on the 1 and 2 sides of the building. Thanks to the quick work of initial companies this fire was brought under control within 45 minutes. The fire went to a second alarm and Division 7 had the command. Just before the change of tours, the Top of the Bronx received their fourth ticket of the night reporting a fire at Seton and Cranford Avenue's. On arrival, Battalion 15 reported just one block from our response area Mt. Vernon Fire Department was heavily engaged at a structure fire involving Artuso's Pastry Shop. Due to a lack of adequate water supply, Battalion 15 transmitted Box 3882 and Engine's 63 and 66 were used to secure water sources on the Bronx side and supply Tower Ladder 51 on the 1,2 corner of the building. The fire building, fully involved on arrival was a 1-story 150x100 Brick commercial. Companies operated 2 exterior hand lines and TL 51's master stream to help bring the fire under control. Companies operated for approximately 3 hours before the fire was brought under control. Battalion 15 had the FDNY sector of the firefight and worked under the command of the Mt. Vernon Fire Department.