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10-75 for the Ground Floor of an H-type

Saturday, March 21, 2015 0130 Hrs Around 0130 hours this morning, Bronx Dispatchers sounded Box 3886 for an occupant reporting a fire at 716 Penfield Street off of White Plains Road. With multiple occupants exiting onto fire escapes and heavy smoke from the building Engine 63 transmitted the 10-75 for an occupied multiple dwelling. As 39's OV did his perimeter, fire was noticed issuing from a window near the stairs on the ground floor. Members of 63 Engine standing fast with a line at the front entrance rapidly flaked out the line and began extinguishing what had been a large area of rubbish piled under the stairwell. The fire was quickly brought to a probably will hold while other companies assisted many civilians in and outside the building. The fire was soon deemed under control and companies began returning to service. Battalion 15 had command of the fire.

Ground Floor

Ground Floor


All Hands used for Another Basement

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 1700 Hrs Just after 1700 hours Bronx Communications notified both companies and the battalion to the address 829 East 226 Street for a reported fire in the building. Both companies arrived to find a light smoke condition but quickly located an escalating fire in the rear of the building in the boiler room. A hand line was stretched off Engine 63 to the seat of the fire while Battalion 15 transmitted the 10-75 for fire in the basement of a 25x60 2-Story flat roof frame MD. A second line was stretched to the first floor after determining the fire was extending upwards. Hazmat 1 was also put on the assignment because the fire was started by a leaking oil gun from the boiler which had flooded the basement with home heating oil. Thankfully the fire was knocked down and extinguished before dangerous and explosive oil vapors compromised the atmosphere for members operating inside. The incident was brought under control in approximately one hour and companies were released soon after. Battalion 15 had operations and Division 7 had command of the fire. Engine 63 and Battalion 15 also responded to another All Hands just after noon today at 3031 Barnes Avenue. Fire was held to the first floor of a 3 -Story Brick, a building in which we had a 2nd alarm over the winter. A night members remember as the war tour.



2nd Floor of a Private Dwelling

Saturday, March 7, 2015 2345 Hrs Just before midnight, both companies received a verbal from FDNY EMS reporting a house fire at 4367 Gunther Avenue. Engine 63 arrived minutes later to fire issuing from the front windows on the second floor of a 2-Story 20x50 peaked roof frame dwelling. The engine quickly stretched the initial hand line while ladder 39 conducted primary searches, opened up for the engine, and ventilated the house. Ground ladders were used to assist a total of 5 occupants attempting to exit the rear from second floor windows. All occupants were treated by FDNY EMS. The fire was quickly knocked down with the use of two hand lines and brought under control in just over 30 minutes. Battalion 15 was the operations branch and division 7 had the command.



2nd Alarm for the Private Dwelling

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 0015 Hours Just after midnight Bronx Dispatchers sounded Box 3803 for the address 819 East 228 Street for the fire in a private dwelling. Engine 63 arrived first due and transmitted the 10-75 for the basement of a 2 1/2 story peaked roof PD. Battalion 15 initially asked for an extra engine and truck however requested a second alarm due to extension to the upper floors and an extreme collier's mansion condition throughout the house. 3 lines were stretched and operated to bring the fire under control in approximately one and a half hours. Division 7 had the command.



Second Floor of a Frame MD

Saturday, February 7, 2015 1420 Hours As the men were cleaning up from lunch, both companies were alerted to Box 3802 for a reported fire on the second floor of 4025 Lowerre Place cross of East 227th Street. The box was quickly loaded upon after receiving calls of people trapped. On arrival Battalion 15 gave the 10-75 for fire on the second floor of a 2 1/2 story peaked roof wood frame multiple dwelling. Engine 63 began stretching a line as 39 Truck made their way in to conduct primary searches for trapped occupants. Fortunately everyone was able to get out of the house before the arrival of Fire Department personnel. The fire was quickly knocked down on the second floor and a 2nd line was used to extinguish some extension into the attic. All searched proved negative throughout and the fire was brought under control in just over 30 minutes. Division 7 had the command.



Both Companies Fill out 10-75 on the Tracks

Friday, February 6, 2015 Approximat Around 1530 Hours both companies and the Battalion were called upon to fill out a 10-75 at East 212th Street and Jerome Avenue for fire in a transit shed on the side of the elevated tracks of the 4 Line. Ladder 39 took the role of the FAST Truck while Engine 63 manpower helped first arriving companies place a hand line in service and supply Dry Chem extinguishers to knock down fire while power was being turned off by MTA officials. Fire was located in the walls and ceiling on the first floor of the 2-story 15x20 transit building housing compressors and other train equipment. after power removal Ladder's 32 and 37 were able to pull apart tin ceilings to access the bulk of fire to complete final extinguishment. The fire was brought under control in just over an hour and companies returned to service. Division 7 had command of the operation.



10-77 Transmitted for a FPMD

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 2209 Hours Just after 2200 Hours, Engine 62 turning out of quarters for a run observed fire out 2 windows on the 7th floor of a NYCHA building directly across the street from their quarters. 62 quickly gave the urgent for fire out the windows on a Fireproof Multiple Dwelling. The box was quickly filled out bringing Engine 63, Ladder 39 and the 15th Battalion to 712 East Gun Hill Road. Battalion 15 transmitted the 10-77 and added an additional engine after the transmission of a 10-70 from Engine 62's chauffer. On arrival Engine 63 hooked up a second line off the standpipe outlet 2 floors below and 39 Truck took their role as the FAST Truck. The fire was quickly knocked down and brought under control by initial companies within 30 minutes.



10-75 for a 2-story Brick

Thursday, January 29, 2015 0510 Hours At 0510 Hours, Bronx Communications sounded box 3698 for a fire at 4015 Paulding Avenue between East 226 and 227 Streets. Receiving numerous calls reporting fire, 4-2-S-R were added to the box. On arrival Battalion 15 transmitted the 10-75 for fire out the second floor rear windows. A 10-70 was also transmitted for frozen hydrants bringing Engine 97 to the scene to help with a positive water source. 2 lines were stretched however the fire was extinguished using the initial hand line. Colliers Mansion Conditions slowed the searches for occupants which came back negative and the fire was brought under control in 38 minutes. Division 7 had the command.



Fire in a 2-Story Frame

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 1715 Hours At 1715 hours, Bronx Communications sounded Box 3697 for fire on the second floor of 740 East 227 street between White Plains Road and Barnes Avenue. Within minutes, numerous calls were being received which prompted Fire Alarm Dispatchers to load the box. Ladder 39 arrived just ahead of Engine 63 and transmitted the 10-75 for heavy fire in the rear of the building. Battalion 15 gave the All Hands on arrival and requested an extra engine and truck due to initial water problems and a good fire conditions impinging on exposure 4. As Engine 63 began stretching the initial line, other members searched for a positive water source. A 10-70 (water relay) was initially given but quickly rescinded after a serviceable hydrant was found further down the block. 3 lines were stretched off the engine while Ladder's 39 and 32 conducted primaries of the fire building. The fire was brought probably will hold in just over 30 minutes and under control shortly after. Division 7 had command of the fire.



Basement off on a Private Dwelling

Friday, January 16, 2015 Approx 110 Just after 1100 hours, Bronx Communications had both companies and the 15th Battalion responding into Box 3838 for a reported house on fire at 4135 Seton Avenue cross of Edenwald Avenue. On arrival companies had light smoke coming from a private dwelling. After forcing entry on the 2 side, Ladder 39 found heavy fire coming from the basement level. Engine 63 quickly stretched the initial hand line to the seat of the fire and had the fire knocked down within 5 minutes. Due to the quick work of first arriving units, fire was held to the basement and companies returned to service a short time later. Division 7 had the command.



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