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Small Hands on 228 at Paulding

Thursday, February 11, 2016 1009 Hours Just after 1000 Hours both companies and the battalion turned out on Box 3803 for a reported garage fire at 945 East 228 street. Engine 63 and Ladder 39 arrived to find smoke emanating from a 3 Story 20x40 flat roof brick and transmitted the 10-75. Once inside, 39 found a small fire in the garage area which was extinguished rapidly with the use of one line. Battalion 15 quickly gave the under control in approximately 15 minutes and scaled the alarm back to 2 and 2 shortly after. Companies were in service shortly after.



All Hands used off Paulding Avenue

Saturday, February 6, 2016 1951 Hours At 1947 Hours Bronx Communicated Office alerted both companies and Battalion 15 to Box 3803 reporting a house on fire at 934 East 228 Street off of Paulding Avenue. Engine 63 and Ladder 39 arrived to find fire in the basement with extension to the first floor of a 2 story flat roof attached brick. Engine 63 quickly put a line in place and extinguished the bulk of the fire using one hand line. Ladder 39 quickly initiated a search of the dwelling only to find a 76 year old man whom had already succumbed to smoke inhalation. Battalion 15 transmitted the 10-45 to Bronx dispatch as well as a 10-41 code 1. An additional engine and three additional trucks were called to the scene to help with overhaul and final extinguishment. This fire was brought under control in approximately 40 minutes with the use of two hand lines. Battalion 15 had the command until relieved by Division 7.



All Hands used for another PD

Tuesday, January 26, 2016  Early in the afternoon companies were summoned to Box 3687, 3954 Paulding Avenue near East 224 street for fire in private dwelling. Companies found fire in the rear of the first floor and quickly knocked it down using one line. Companies also found slight extension on the second floor which was extinguished in short order. Battalion 15 gave the under control a short time later and all companies soon returned to service.



Engine and Truck go on the 10-77

Sunday, January 24, 2016 1235 Hours A little after midnight Battalion 15 turn out on Box 4406 to 600 Baychester Avenue for a reported fire on the 17th floor. Nearing the scene, Battalion 15 hearing the radio chatter of the Co-Op Crew knew they had a fire and transmitted the 10-77 to Bronx Communications. This brought in Engine 63 as the high-rise nozzle unit and Ladder 39 as the 4th due truck on the 10-77. Soon after, L-61 reported finding a 10-45 in addition to the collier's mansion conditions inside the fire apartment. Other fire department members brought the unconscious woman down to the lobby where Co-Op PD assisted in ventilating her till FDNY EMS arrived. The fire was contained to apartment 17J on the 17th floor with the use of one line. The big news was that L-61's inside team were able to quickly gain entry and rescue an elderly woman who was trapped inside the apartment. Engine 63 was not needed and shortly returned to service while Ladder 39 was used for secondary searches and overhaul of the fire apartment. Congrats to Ladder 61 on the grab, Nice job boys!



All Hands used at the Strip Club

Saturday, January 23, 2016 Approximat Around 1100 Hours, just as the first real winter storm of 2016 was beginning to hammer down on the five boroughs, Bronx Communications alerted the 15th Battalion to a phone alarm for smoke coming from the roof of 4139 Boston Road off of Provost Avenue. Engine 63 becoming available from another box were assigned to the ticket as the 3rd due engine. Tower Ladder 51 arrived first due to find smoke pushing from the front peak of a 1 1/2 story commercial and gave the urgent for the 10-75. Ladder 39 was added to the assignment and designated the FAST truck. Ladder 51 quickly gained access to find a heavy smoke condition throughout and maze-like conditions. A search rope was quickly deployed as they began searching for the fire. With no stairs, both 51 and Ladder 61 began pulling ceilings to access the bulk of fire which was found in the peak on the 1/4 corner of the main entrance. Engine 38 quickly moved in with the first line and began extinguishing fire as trucks continued to open up the cockloft area. Engine 63 stood by with a back up line just outside the front of the building and used it to extinguish some fire that had burned through the peak. The fire was brought under control in 47 minutes using two hand lines. Division 7 had the command



10-75 on Box 3845

Thursday, January 21, 2016 0920 Hours Just after the changed of tours, Bronx Communications transmitted a telephone alarm for Box 3845, reporting a fire at 4087 Edson Avenue. Both companies arrived to find fire on the second floor of a 2 story peaked roof 20x60 Private Dwelling. Engine 63 quickly stretched a handline to the fire area while Ladder 39 began conducting searches of the 2nd floor and opening up for the engine. One 10-45 code 4 was located outside the fire building and transported by FDNY EMS. Battalion 15 reported the fire under control in 43 minutes and companies returned to service soon after.



2nd Alarm Transmitted in Woodlawn

Monday, January 11, 2016 approx 170 At approximately 1700 hours Bronx Communications sounded Box 3957 for the reported structure fire at 335 East 236 street. Within minutes both companies were turning onto the block with structural smoke in the area. Upon hearing the radio transmissions of first due companies Battalion 15 promptly gave Bronx the urgent for the 10-75. Engine 63 and Ladder 39 arrived to find fire on the first and second floors of a 2 1/2 story 25x75 wood frame multi-family home. Engine 63 quickly started a line to extinguish fire on the first floor while next arriving engines stretched a line to the floor above. Ladder 19 acting 39 gained access to the basement to find a small pocket of fire where the fire had originated from plumbers sweating copper tubing which had ignited in a pipe chase and was running a void into the attic. This fire was quickly extinguished with a can while other trucks began opening up on upper floors. Upon the arrival of Division 7 , a second alarm was transmitted for heavy fire running the walls and attic space of the home. Four hand lines as well as many additional trucks were used to bring this stubborn fire under control. Division 7 had the command and the fire was brought under control in an hour and 29 minutes.



Quick Work of a Basement Fire on Carpenter Avenue

Saturday, January 9, 2016 1300 Hours At approximately 1300 Hours, Bronx Communications alerted both companies to 4218 Carpenter Avenue for a reported fire in the building. Companies arrived to a 2 1/2 story peaked roof PD with smoke coming from the basement. Battalion 15 gave the 10-75 while the truck made entry to locate the fire and the Engine started a line to the front of the house. Fire was located inside the boiler room and was quickly knocked down with the use of one line. Minor extension was located in the ceiling and walls and was also quickly extinguished. The fire was put under control in about 15 minutes and companies returned to service shortly after. Battalion 15 had the command.



Additional Units on the All Hands

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 1830 Hours Just after checking the equipment on both companies rigs, Battalion 20 gave the 10-75 for Bronx Box 4386 for heavy fire on the 2nd floor of a private dwelling, bringing Battalion 15 into the scene as the 10-75 chief. No sooner the 20 requested an additional engine and truck bringing both Engine 63 and Ladder 39 into the scene as well. First arriving companies, Engine 66 and Ladder 61, the Co-Op Crew arrived to find fire issuing from windows on the second floor in the rear of 2935 Wickham Avenue, a 2 1/2 story peaked roof private dwelling. On arrival both companies assisted in extinguishing additional fire and overhauling the fire area. Division 7 had the command and 3 lines were operated to bring the fire under control. Companies returned in service approximately an hour later.



2nd Alarm Transmitted in Wakefield

Sunday, January 3, 2016 0240 Hours Around 0240 hours this morning both companies were alerted to box 3807 for a reported fire at 655 East 230 street. Within minutes both Engine 63 and Ladder 39 arrived to find numerous people attempting to flea the building via the fire escapes. Battalion 15 promptly transmitted the 10-75 as the truck made entry to the building and the engine began stretching the initial hand line. Ladder 39 under the command of Lieutenant Mitchell reported they had found heavy fire coming from apartment 3E on the 3rd floor with a heavy smoke condition in the hallway. A valiant attempt was made into the apartment however unsuccessful due to the amount of fire involvement near the front entrance. Engine 63 was able to quickly get the line in place and push fire back into the apartment before taking control of the public hall. The fire was knocked down and the inside truck team located a 10-45 code 2 and was able to drag the person out. CPR was quickly initiated however unsuccessful and he later succumbed to his injuries. A second alarm was transmitted due to the difficulty of getting occupants down off fire escapes because the drop ladders were wired in place. The outside team of both Ladder 39 and Ladder 51 used numerous portable ladders to bring multiple occupants to the ground. 2 hand lines were used to extinguish fire on the fire floor and some extension above. Battalion 15 had command and the fire was brought under control in 40 minutes.



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