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Fire in a Private dwelling

Sunday, March 30, 2014 0430 Hrs. Just before 0430 hrs this morning, Bronx Dispatchers sounded box 3657 reporting the address 3825 carpenter Avenue for a fire in a house.  Enroute to the box, Bx Communications Office notified both units responding that they were loading the box up after receiving numerous calls.  As Engine 63 turned onto Carpenter Avenue a heavy volume of fire was seen issuing from the 2nd floor windows of a 2 1/2 story peaked roof PD.  63 quickly gave a 10-75.  Both the Engine and 39 Truck arrived on scene and began their normal operating assignments.  63 stretched their line to the 2nd floor while 38 brought the 2nd line to the attic which was also well involved.  39 conducted primary searches of the 2nd floor and attic and helped confine the fire while lines were put into operation.  The fire was brought under control in just under an hour.  Division 7 had the command.



Another First Due 2nd Alarm

Saturday, March 1, 2014 1551 Hours As the members of both Engine 63 and Ladder 39 were returning to quarters from a previous steam leak on 229th St. and Schefflin Avenue, a phone alarm came in for Bronx Box 3864 reporting the address 1847 Neried Ave  for a reported a fire in a private dwelling.  E63 and L39, both already out of quarters responded.  E63 arrived moments before L39 and gave a 10-75 for fire in a 20x40 peaked roof PD.  Engine 63's chauffeur properly positioned the engine on a hydrant while the backstep began simultaneously stretching a hand line.  With reports of a person trapped, Ladder 39 members expediciously entered the building to conduct primary searches and locate the main body of fire.  The inside Truck team assisted 3 men in safely exiting the top floor.  As E63 knocked down the fire  on the second floor, L39 began to overhaul the fire area.  Noticing that fire had extended into the attic and a proximal exposure problem, Battalion 15 quickly transmitted a 2nd alarm.  E63 repositioned their line to the attic and began knocking down the fire while a second line was stretched to protect the second floor for any remaining pockets of fire.  The fire was knocked down in the attic and all additional searches came back negative.  The fire was brought under control a short time later but companies remained on scene for an extended period of time opening up to fully extinguish hot spots.The 7th Division had the command.   

Engine 63 and Ladder 39 also both responded 2nd due to 62 & 32 for an All-Hands fire in the early hours of the next day as well.  The fire was confined to the rear of the second floor of a 2 story mixed occupancy.  Both companies operated for approximately 45 minutes before returning to service.



Another Room Off on 233rd Street

Sunday, February 23, 2014 Approx 125 Around 1245 Hours, da Bronx Communications Office turned out both companies on a phone alarm into Box 3824 for the reported address of 1463 East 233rd off Pratt Avenue, reporting a building.  Minutes later Engine 63 was once again transmitting the 10-75 for fire on the top floor of a 3 story PD.  39 Truck arrived directly behind the Engine and all members quickly dismounted their respective rigs in order to quickly stabilize the incident.  A line was quickly stretched into the 3 Brick Similar to the top floor where members found a room off, out a window in the rear.  An additional line was also stretched as a backup line.  Engine 63 made quick work of the fire while 39 Truck completed a primary and began overhauling the room of origin.  The main body of fire was knocked down within 20 minutes and put Under Control within 30.  Division 7 had the command.



Top Floor Fire Down the Block

Sunday, February 16, 2014 1030 Hours As company members were finishing up our usual Sunday morning kitchen cleaning, Bx Dispatchers alerted both Engine 63 and Ladder 39, first due into a phone alarm for fire on the 5th floor of 648 East 233rd Street, a block away from our quarters.  As companies pulled out of quarters and drove under the "L" it became quite clear they had a job with smoke pushing from the top floor windows of a 5-story walk-up.  Engine 63 quickly gave the "Urgent for fire on the top floor" and Bronx dispatchers filled the 10-75.  As Battalion 15 arrived on scene, the Chief quickly gave a 2nd alarm due to heavy fire out the windows on the top floor and an inoperable (frozen) hydrant.  A line was quickly stretched into the fire building by initial engine companies as the trucks gained access to the fire apartment.  Once a viable water source was established, 63 made the quick push into the fire area and knocked down the fire.  With negative extension to the cockloft due to quick work by the Engine, the fire was put "Probably Will Hold" shortly after.  Initial companies remained on scene to overhaul and extinguish hot spots.  Division 7 reported a total of 2 10-45's whom were treated by EMS and put the fire under control just before 11 a.m.



First Due Similar Brick

Friday, February 14, 2014 0220 Hours At approximately 0215 hours this morning both companies were summoned to Box 3690 for a report of fire in a private dwelling at 4128 Paulding Avenue off East 230 street.  Both companies arrived quickly on scene to find fire on the first floor of a 2 1/2 story peaked roof non-fireproof.  While the Truck began conducting primaries on the fire floor, the Engine quickly placed a 1 3/4 handline into operation on the seat of the fire which was quickly contained to the rear.  Battalion 15 transmitted the "All Hands" and asked for an extra truck for window bars but the assignment was scaled back within 20 minutes because of the quick work of companies on the initial assignment.  All companies returned to service shortly after 3 a.m. and Battalion 15 terminated command.



10-75 Box 3689

Monday, January 20, 2014 0745 Hrs As the men were making a hearty breakfast to carb up for the day tour, the tone alert sounded for a reported fire at 3990 Bronx Blvd.  Both companies, first due on the assignment, quickly turned out of quarters enroute to the box.  Ladder 39 went inside to investigate and notified the engine of a fire in 3C on the thrid floor.  A line was quickly started into the building and into the fire apartment.  Battalion 15 arrived and transmitted the 10-75 as well as requesting an additional engine and truck above the All-Hands.  The fire was extinguished using one handline and primary and secondary searches came up negative.  The fire was brought under control winthin 30 minutes.  Battalion 15 had the command.



All Hands on Arrival

Friday, January 10, 2014 0105 Hrs Just after 1 am, Bronx Communications office started receiving multiple calls for fire in a private dwelling with people trapped at 4451 Matilda just sound of Neried Avenue.  With quality and quantity on the phone calls, Bronx Dispatchers quickly loaded the box with 4-2-R-and Sq.  Engine 63 just becoming available from another run around the corner was added first due to the assignment.  Upon arrival quickly Engine 63 gave the 10-75 for fire out the front windows on the top floor.  63 quickly stretched a handline into the fire area while Ladder 39's inside team began primary searches and the outside team began laddering mulitple 4-side windows to rescue trapped occupants hanging from windows.  39's inside team also assisted a civilian in getting out on the inside for a total of (4) 10-45's, thankfully all with non-life threatening injuries.  Secondary searches came back negative and the fire was brought under control just after 0130 Hours.  Division 7 had the command. 



Emergency Landing Made on the Deegan Expressway

Saturday, January 4, 2014 Approx 153 Around 1530 Hours, both the Engine and Truck were alerted to Box 8935 for the Deegan Express Northbound and 233rd street for a plane down in the roadway.  First arriving units confirmed same and reported no fire and occupants out.  Shortly thereafter it was confirmed with the pilot that he had made an emergency landing after losing power to the engine.  Engine members set up a precautionary foam line while the truck worked to control the planes leaking fuel tank.  FDNY EMS rendered medical attention to 3 occupants, all whom suffered minor injuries in the collision.  Quick thinking by a NYC DOT crew working a pothole repair detail kept what could have been an horrific accident to a minimum by spotting the low flying plane and shutting down the highway when they realized the plane was coming down.  Division 7 placed the incident under control in short order and the NYPD remained on scene to oversee the removal of the aircraft.



Temp Went Down As Rank Went Up

Thursday, January 2, 2014  On January 2nd, members of Engine 63 and Ladder 39 gathered in Brooklyn to congratulate the newest promoted member Pete Bertocchi of Ladder 39 to the rank of Lieutenant.  We are sad to be losing such a wealth of fireground knowledge but wish you the best and safest journey ahead.  Best of luck Lieutenant Bertocchi! 



Fire out the Windows on Carpenter Avenue

Thursday, December 19, 2013 Just befor As companies were becoming available from a gas leak on the far Northeast side of the top of da Bronx, the Bronx Communications Office sounded box 3657 reporting a fire on the 2nd floor of 3915 Carpenter Avenue at East 226 street, just South of our quarters.  Due to the initial inavailability of companies coming off other boxes, Engine 62 arrived first due just in front of Ladder 39, the first due truck who gave the "Urgent" for fire out 2 windows on the 2nd floor of a 6-story tenement.  Ladder 39 quickly began primary searches of the fire apartment while searching for the main body of fire.  Engine 63 arriving out of normal sequence, and quickly stretched a second handline to the 3rd floor to protect the floor above the fire apartment under the direction of the engine boss, Captain Begbie.  Due to the fire apartment door being left open by the occupant, a heavy smoke condition existed on the floor above where the boss of 32 Truck pulled a civilian out of as 63 moved their line inward to protect the floor above fom the fire auto exposing up the 1-side of the fire building.  The fire was brought under control just after 8 pm and the fire was contained to a portion of the main fire apartment.  A total of (4) 10-45's; fire-related civilian injuries were pulled from the fire building, 2 of which were in critical conditions.  Division 7 had the command.



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