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Engine 63 Ladder 39 Battalion 15 Participate in Charity Hockey Game

Saturday, August 30, 2014 1500 Hrs. This past Saturday, members of the entire house took the ride up to Schenectady NY to compete against the MacBoston Ice Hockey Team in a charitable event to raise money for the families of fallen firefighters. While 15 of our members participated in the actual game, another 15 went up to support our team and the games Cause. A great time was had by everyone who went to support this great cause! The MacBoston Hockey Team is comprised of upstate New York Firefighters who participate in fundraising events to support certain Firefighter Charities. They are a subsidy of the MacBoston Truck 18 Firefighter Memorial. God Bless them for all their hard work and dedication!



First Due 4th Alarm

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 1400 Hrs. As both companies were conducting an in-house drill on job safety, the house teleprinter alerted both companies to Box 3881, 4523 Hill Avenue cross of East 241st Street for a house on fire. With only 2 engines and 1 truck on the ticket and knowing this was an isolated area of the Bronx, Battalion 15 automatically asked for an additional engine and truck. As Engine 63 responded in, a heavy column of smoke was observed from many blocks away and the 10-75 was transmitted. On arrival companies encountered a large body of fire issuing out the rear of the original address that had already extended well into exposure 2; 4519 Hill Avenue. On the arrival of Battalion 15 a 2nd alarm was immediately transmitted for fire involving 2 separate buildings. Both Engine 38 and Ladder 51 arrived directly after 63 and 39 and all four companies made valiant push to insure all occupants were out and to stop fire progression before it had a chance to extend into exposure 2A and exposure 4. With heavy fire on both floors and in the attics of each building and not enough resources on scene to continue an interior attack, Division 7 had all manpower exit the building for a temporary exterior attack. Once Tower Ladder 51 was able to knock down a majority of fire, hand lines were again sent back into the burning structures in order to complete extinguishment. The fire was contained to the original 2 buildings involved on arrival with minor extension to exposure 2A. Car 10, the Bronx-Borough Chief had Command and the fire was brought under control in 1 hour and 40 minutes.



2 Probies Catch Their First Job

Saturday, July 19, 2014 Approx 240 As a busy night tour finally began to wind down for Probationary Firefighters Tancredi and Gillen both companies were turned out by Bronx Communications on Box 3598 reporting a fire at 203 East 233rd Street. As companies proceeded down 233 Street and just a few blocks from our quarters, flames could be seen issuing from windows on the top floor. Engine 63 quickly transmitted the 10-75 for fire out 3 windows on the top floor of a 3-Story Brick MD. Probie Gillen (Can-man) quickly made his way into the building with the inside team in an effort to hold the fire from advancing throughout the apartment. Probie Tancredi (nozzle-man) and the back step of Engine 63 quickly brought their hand line up to the fire floor and extinguished the two rooms burning. Firefighters removed one occupant from the fire apartment whom was transported to a local hospital by Ems. Division 7 reported the fire under control in approximately 30 minutes. Congrats to Probationary Firefighters Gillen and Tancredi on a job well done at their first fire!



First Due vacant

Tuesday, June 10, 2014  Around midnight the Top of da Bronx were turned out on Box 3683 for a reported garage fire on East 224th street and White Plains Rd. After receiving a handful of calls, Bronx Communications were able to give a corrected address of 753 East 224th. Engine 63 arrived first due to find fire issuing from the rear of a single story 25x50 peaked roof vacant frame. A 10-75 was quickly given as both companies went to work controlling the fire before it had a chance to extend to exposures 2 and 3. One hand line was used to control the fire which mostly involved the rear portion and attic of the house. The fire was brought under control in short order and companies were returned to service in under an hour. This was the third time both companies have responded to and extinguished a fire in this building this year. Battalion 15 had the command.



Basement of a Private Dwelling

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 0530 Hrs. Shortly before 0530 Hours Wednesday morning the Bronx Communications Office sent the Top of Da Bronx a ticket for a phone alarm reporting fire at 673 East 223rd Street between White Plains and carpenter Avenue. Within minutes, 63 and 39 arrived on scene to find a fire in the basement with fire issuing from basement windows. Ladder 39 quickly gave the "10-75" and both companies quickly assumed their first due responsibilities. While Ladder 39 began conducting primary searches and locating the fire, 63 quickly stretched a line into the basement area. Both companies worked together to quickly find fire going in a couple rooms in the basement. The fire was brought to a Probably Will Hold in short order and Under Control soon after. A total of 1 10-45 was transported by FDNY EMS to a local hospital with minor injuries.



First Due Fire in a Laundromat

Monday, May 12, 2014 Approx. 09 As both companies began morning committee work, the Bronx Communications Office sounded Box 3675 for the reporting building in the area of White Plains Road and East 222 Street. As both companies turned out of quarters they were given the corrected address of 3870 White Plains for fire in a Laundromat. The box was quickly filled out by a heads up dispatcher after receiving numerous calls. With smoke pushing from a 2 story commercial on arrival, Ladder 39 transmitted the 10-75 for fire on the first floor. Ladder 39 began conducting a primary search and simultaneously searched for the main body of fire as Engine 63 stretched the initial hand line. Fire was located in the rear 2/3 corner involving a storage area and multiple dryer units. An additional line was stretched to back up 63 Engine as pockets of fire were found running the walls and ceiling of the 2 and 3 sides of the building. A line was also stretched to the roof due to fire communicating to the duct work which terminated on the roof. Fire damage was held to the original area burning on arrival and the incident was brought under control in just under an hour. Division 7 had the command.



Basement of a 2-Story Brick

Thursday, May 1, 2014 1200 Hrs Right about noon as both Engine 63 and Ladder 39 cleared one of many runs, Bronx Communications sounded Box 3842 for a reported fire at 4064 Ely Avenue. Engine 63 arriving just in front of 39 Truck gave the 10-75 for fire in a 2-story 20x40 Brick. Companies found a room of fire in the basement and quickly stretched a line to extinguish same. Battalion 15 used all hands and the fire was brought under control in just over 30 minutes.



Basement of a Private Dwelling

Thursday, April 17, 2014 1607 Hrs. Just after 1600 Hours, the top of the Bronx received a phone alarm reporting a fire at the address of 121 East 236 Street in the Woodlawn section of the Bronx. With the Engine out of service, Ladder 39 responded to the box and minutes later gave the 10-75 for smoke pushing from the basement windows of a 2 1/2 story peaked roof private dwelling. Engine 38, becoming available from another run was assigned first due and pulled into the tight block just after 39 truck. 39 reported basement access via an exterior basement door located in the rear 3/4 corner of the building and a line was quickly stretched into the basement where fire was found just making its way out of the room of origin. Due to Collyer's Mansion conditions, extensive overhaul was needed to overhaul and completely extinguish the fire area. Battalion 27 had command and the fire was brought under control in roughly a half an hour.



Top Floor of a Multiple Dwelling

Saturday, April 12, 2014 0215 Hrs Shortly after 2 AM Bronx Communication Office sounded Box 3633 for a reported fire in a multiple dwelling at 784 East 214th Street. Receiving a few calls, Bronx CO quickly added 4 & 2 on the box. Just two minutes later Engine 62 arrived, giving the 10-75 for fire on the top floor of a 3-story Brick MD. Engine 63, third due, arrived and began stretching a 2nd line to back up 62. The fire was knocked down with the first hand line and trucks quickly began opening up in the fire apartment and the cockloft area. With no extension to the cockloft, the fire was brought under control. Ladder 39, also 3rd due, was designated the FAST Truck, and Battalion 15 was assigned 2nd due on the 10-75. All companies were back in service around an hour later.



All Hands used for Basement of a Commercial

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Approximat During the afternoon portion of building inspection, shortly after 3 o'clock Bronx Communication notified Engine 63 they would be receiving a ticket for a reported fire in a commercial. Seconds later Box 3848 was being transmitted for 4228 White Plains Rd. cross of East 234th street for fire in the basement of a commercial building. Engine 63 arriving first due promptly transmitted the 10-75 for fire in the basement of a 3-story Brick mixed occupancy. Ladder 39 arriving just behind the engine quickly made their way into the building to locate the seat of the fire. In short time, 63 stretched a line towards the front of the basement where fire was located in the walls and ceiling between the basement and first floor. Ladder 32 arriving second due assisting 39 in opening up the first floor to halt further extension. Searches proved negative through out and the fire was brought under control in approximately 30 minutes. Battalion 15 used All Hands and Division 7 had the command



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