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10-75 Private Dwelling Fire

Saturday, December 26, 2015 1720 Hours At 1720 hours, Ladder 39 and Battalion 15 received a telephone alarm for Box 4465 reporting a kitchen fire at 4049 Secor Avenue off East 233 Street. Companies arrived to find fire on the first floor in the rear of a 1 story 20x50 peaked roof private dwelling. Engine 38 arriving first due quickly stretched the initial hand line right behind Ladder 39 who on arrival began simultaneous searches for the fire and any trapped occupants. Within 11 minutes Battalion 15 gave the PWH and secondary searches negative throughout with the exception of the fire area. The fire was quickly knocked down with the use of one line and Battalion 15 gave the under control in 42 minutes. The "one Five" had the command.



All Hands used for a PD Fire

Thursday, December 10, 2015 1110 Hours Just after 1100 Hours, Ladder 39 and Battalion 15 turned out for a phone alarm on Box 3682 reporting fire at 813 East 224 Street. Engine 38 and Ladder 51 arriving first due quickly gave the 10-75 confirming fire on the 1st floor of a 2 story 20x50 flat roof Private Dwelling. Ladder 39 arrived as the second due truck and immediately began conducting searches on the top floor which proved negative. The fire was quickly subdued and the 15th Battalion reported the fire under control within 27 minutes. Companies returned to service shortly after. Division 7 had the command while Battalion 15 took operation. Photos courtesy of Michael Dick at



2nd Alarm for fire in 2 Dwellings

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 2030 Hours A couple hours into the night tour Bronx dispatchers sounded Box 3866 for the reported basement fire at 4331 De Reimer Avenue at East 239th Street. Due to boxes out in the area Engine 38 and Ladder 61 arrived as the first due companies. Engine 38 gave the urgent for the 10-75 confirming fire in the basement extending to the first floor. Upon the arrival of Battalion 15, fire was already venting from the basement windows and into exposure 2 necessitating the transmission of a 2nd alarm for fire in two dwellings. Engine 63 arrived and stretched the second line to exposure 2, knocking down the fire and proceeding into the first floor of the original fire building which was venting heavy fire out the front windows. A total of 4 hand lines were used to bring the fire under control in addition to 3 additional trucks above the second alarm. Division 7 had the command.



We're Back!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015  After a very busy couple of months we are pleased to announce that this website is up and running again. Thank you to all of our followers who have been checking the website regularly for updates, they are coming soon and regularly.



FDNY Memorial Day

Wednesday, October 7, 2015   On October 7th members of Engine 63, Ladder 39 and Battalion 15 gathered at the Riverside Drive firefighter's memorial to honor all those who gave their lives in the service of the Department. The membership extends their condolences to the families of the 7 members on active duty who passed away this year.



14th Anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks

Friday, September 11, 2015   On September 11th, Members of Engine 63, Ladder 39 and Battalion 15 gathered at the firehouse and the Riverside Drive to honor the 343 members of the department who gave their lives that day. Never Forget.



4th Alarm of Fire in the Wakefield Section

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 0830 Hours While already out on a box for a gas leak in the Edenwald Housing complex, Bronx Communications alerted Bronx companies to 1050 East 232 street off Laconia for the house fire. Battalion 15 upon hearing this quickly gave the 10-18 and made Engine 63 and Ladder 39 available for their first due box. Before even turning off of East 229 street Battalion 15 gave the 10-75 for a heavy volume of smoke from the area of the reported fire. On arrival companies found heavy fire on the first and second floors of a 2 1/2 story 20x70 wood frame private dwelling. Engine 63 quickly stretched the first hand line to the front door where they were met with fire issuing from. After pushing the fire back enough, a second hand line was started up the stairs to the second floor. As companies began to knock down the fire, the 15 Battalion quickly gave the second alarm for heavy fire on 2 floors. Due to the intensity of the fire, the back stairwell from the basement to the attic had completely burned away before companies were able to gain control of the already heavily engulfed the attic space. Because the attic space was completely finished with very little access, companies had to cut holes through the second floor making the operation very labor intensive. On arrival of Division 7 and third alarm was transmitted due to the arduous conditions, humidity and extensive overhaul needed. A fourth alarm was also transmitted for relief purposes and at the height of the incident there were a total of 6 hand lines in operation including one line into exposure 2 for protection and one line into the basement where fire had extended to via the balloon framing. This fire went under control in just under 2 hours. Car 13 of the FDNY had the command.



All Hands for the rear off on a Muli-Family

Sunday, August 2, 2015 1745 Just before the change of tours both companies were alerted first due for the phone alarm reporting the rear of a house on fire at 4112 Carpenter Avenue. Moments later Battalion 15 gave the 10-75 for heavy smoke coming from the corner of that address. On arrival Battalion 15 requested an additional engine and truck while both company officers and L39's inside team started to make their way towards a group of closely grouped houses to find the exact location of the fire. Once the fire's location was found, Engine 63 began to stretch their line up the front stoop to the rear for best access to the fire which had extended outside the first floor and was running the side of the dwelling and into the cockloft. A second line was immediately stretched into the alley of exposure 2 to protect the large multiple dwelling which already had windows beginning to fail. A third handline was also stretched via the interior of the main fire building to the second floor where companies found fire had extended into the cockloft. The situation was quickly mitigated and the fire was brought under control in 46 minutes. Division 7 had the command.



10-75 for the Ground Floor of an H-type

Saturday, March 21, 2015 0130 Hrs Around 0130 hours this morning, Bronx Dispatchers sounded Box 3886 for an occupant reporting a fire at 716 Penfield Street off of White Plains Road. With multiple occupants exiting onto fire escapes and heavy smoke from the building Engine 63 transmitted the 10-75 for an occupied multiple dwelling. As 39's OV did his perimeter, fire was noticed issuing from a window near the stairs on the ground floor. Members of 63 Engine standing fast with a line at the front entrance rapidly flaked out the line and began extinguishing what had been a large area of rubbish piled under the stairwell. The fire was quickly brought to a probably will hold while other companies assisted many civilians in and outside the building. The fire was soon deemed under control and companies began returning to service. Battalion 15 had command of the fire.

Ground Floor

Ground Floor


All Hands used for Another Basement

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 1700 Hrs Just after 1700 hours Bronx Communications notified both companies and the battalion to the address 829 East 226 Street for a reported fire in the building. Both companies arrived to find a light smoke condition but quickly located an escalating fire in the rear of the building in the boiler room. A hand line was stretched off Engine 63 to the seat of the fire while Battalion 15 transmitted the 10-75 for fire in the basement of a 25x60 2-Story flat roof frame MD. A second line was stretched to the first floor after determining the fire was extending upwards. Hazmat 1 was also put on the assignment because the fire was started by a leaking oil gun from the boiler which had flooded the basement with home heating oil. Thankfully the fire was knocked down and extinguished before dangerous and explosive oil vapors compromised the atmosphere for members operating inside. The incident was brought under control in approximately one hour and companies were released soon after. Battalion 15 had operations and Division 7 had command of the fire. Engine 63 and Battalion 15 also responded to another All Hands just after noon today at 3031 Barnes Avenue. Fire was held to the first floor of a 3 -Story Brick, a building in which we had a 2nd alarm over the winter. A night members remember as the war tour.



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