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Fire in an Unoccupied Garage

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Approx 193 Shortly after 1930 Hours Bronx Communications transmitted box 3638 reporting the address 3452 Kingsland Avenue for the garage fire. Engine 38 normally first due arrived minutes later and gave the 10-75 for fire in a 1 story 15x60 commercial garage. Two lines were quickly stretched, one into the main fire building and one to exposure 4 which was an attached wood frame multiple dwelling. Companies were able to knock down the main body of fire which consisted of multiple cars and contents within 20 minutes and the trucks opened everything up for a final wash down. Battalion 15 deemed the fire under control in just 45 minutes. Division 7 had the command.



Disaster Averted by North Bronx Companies

Thursday, September 18, 2014 Approximat A few hours into the night tour both the engine and truck were taking up from a bedroom fire in the Bivona Reedsmill Housing Complex when Bronx Dispatchers sounded box 3693 for 4011 Bronxwood Avenue reported as fire in a building. Both Engine 63 and Ladder normally first due were assigned and responded in. Engine 97 arrived first due and transmitted the 10-75 for fire on the roof of a 3 story building under construction. A line was quickly stretched via Ladder 39's aerial to the top floor where companies extinguished fire on the 3rd floor and roof. Ladder's 39 and 32 made quick work of overhauling the fire area and extinguishing hot spots from the apparent accelerant driven fire. The fire was brought under control in approximately 25 minutes. Battalion 27 had the command.



House Responds to Bronx 3rd Alarm

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 0730 Hrs. Just after 0730 hours this morning, Bronx communications were loading up Box 3564 upon receiving multiple calls for fire in a private dwelling on Decatur Avenue between East Gun Hill and East 209 Street. On arrival, Ladder 32 gave the 10-75 followed seconds later by a 2nd alarm from Battalion 27 for fire in at least 2 buildings. Engine 63 responding on the 10-75 and Ladder 39 on the 2nd alarm. Both companies quickly went to work helping our brothers from Gun Hill Road to confine and extinguish the fire. Engine 63 stretched the 2nd line directly into the original fire building while the Truck worked to pull ceilings in multiple rooms to expose the fire which had already communicated to the walls, attics, and cockloft of 3 buildings. Both companies worked for approximately 30 to 45 minutes before being relieved by other companies. Battalion 15 responded 2nd due on the 10-75 and quickly took operations inside the main fire building, helping to coordinate interior operations with the command post. The fire was contained to 3309, 3311, and 3315 Decatur and brought under control in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Division 7 had the command.



All Hands on Arrival For a Vacant

Saturday, September 6, 2014 0430 Hrs. Around 0430 Hours this morning Engine 63 and the 15th Battalion were turned out for reported smoke coming from a building in the area of East 217th Street and Barnes Avenue. Minutes later first arriving companies from the "Gun Hill Gang" were quickly transmitting the 10-75 for a heavy volume of fire from a vacant frame. Battalion 15 quickly transmitted the All-Hands on arrival for fire in a 2 1/2 Story 25x50 wood-frame vacant dwelling. B15 also requested an extra engine and truck bringing Engine 97 and Ladder Company 39 to the scene. Engine 63 assumed 3rd due procedures and stretched a second line into the building while Ladder 39 was used to augment Ladder's 32 and 51 in opening up for extension on the top floors. 3 lines were operated to bring the fire under control in just 48 minutes. Battalion 15 had the command.



Another 10-75 Transmitted for the Scrap Yard

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 1136 Hrs. Just before noon both companies were on the road responding to Box 4459, 4157 Boston Road for fire in a 3-story commercial warehouse. E66 coming from Co-Op City transmitted the box due to a large volume of smoke in the distance and the 10-75 on arrival. Engine 63 arrived and backed up the "Co-Op crew" with an additional 2 1/2" line to knock down multiple cars on fire which had extended into the rear of the warehouse. Engine 38 arrived and laid a supply line to Tower Ladder 51 to ready their master stream. Ladder 39 assigned 3rd due assumed the responsibility of the FAST Truck. The fire was quickly brought under control. Division 7 had the command.



Engine 63 Ladder 39 Battalion 15 Participate in Charity Hockey Game

Saturday, August 30, 2014 1500 Hrs. This past Saturday, members of the entire house took the ride up to Schenectady NY to compete against the MacBoston Ice Hockey Team in a charitable event to raise money for the families of fallen firefighters. While 15 of our members participated in the actual game, another 15 went up to support our team and the games Cause. A great time was had by everyone who went to support this great cause! The MacBoston Hockey Team is comprised of upstate New York Firefighters who participate in fundraising events to support certain Firefighter Charities. They are a subsidy of the MacBoston Truck 18 Firefighter Memorial. God Bless them for all their hard work and dedication!



10-75 Transmitted for the barge Fire in the Hutchinson River

Wednesday, August 27, 2014  Just before the change of tour, Bronx Communications transmitted Box 4452 for the barge on fire in the area of an address off Boston and Provost. On arrival, Battalion 15 reported a large scrap barge burning in the Hutchinson River in the rear of 4521 Boston Road. Engine 63, becoming available from another box, was assigned in 3rd due and laid a supply line into Ladder 51 with Engine 79 while securing a positive water source. Ladder 39, 3rd due, was assigned the FAST Truck and stood by near the command post. The FDNY quickly had 2 Tower Ladder's and 3 Fire Boats operating on the barge as well as companies from the Mount Vernon Fire Department. Due to deep pockets of metal burning, the fire burned for some time before complete extinguishment. FDNY units also employed the use of foam to complete the extinguishment process. Division 7 had command and reported the fire under control in just over 3 hours.



First Due 4th Alarm

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 1400 Hrs. As both companies were conducting an in-house drill on job safety, the house teleprinter alerted both companies to Box 3881, 4523 Hill Avenue cross of East 241st Street for a house on fire. With only 2 engines and 1 truck on the ticket and knowing this was an isolated area of the Bronx, Battalion 15 automatically asked for an additional engine and truck. As Engine 63 responded in, a heavy column of smoke was observed from many blocks away and the 10-75 was transmitted. On arrival companies encountered a large body of fire issuing out the rear of the original address that had already extended well into exposure 2; 4519 Hill Avenue. On the arrival of Battalion 15 a 2nd alarm was immediately transmitted for fire involving 2 separate buildings. Both Engine 38 and Ladder 51 arrived directly after 63 and 39 and all four companies made valiant push to insure all occupants were out and to stop fire progression before it had a chance to extend into exposure 2A and exposure 4. With heavy fire on both floors and in the attics of each building and not enough resources on scene to continue an interior attack, Division 7 had all manpower exit the building for a temporary exterior attack. Once Tower Ladder 51 was able to knock down a majority of fire, hand lines were again sent back into the burning structures in order to complete extinguishment. The fire was contained to the original 2 buildings involved on arrival with minor extension to exposure 2A. Car 10, the Bronx-Borough Chief had Command and the fire was brought under control in 1 hour and 40 minutes.



Promotion Cuts Into Griz Time

Thursday, July 24, 2014  On July 24th members of the house once again gathered at the Christian Cultural Center for the "bitter-sweet" promotion of James Grismer from the rank of Lieutenant to Captain. Captain Grismer has spent the last 8 years of his career at the Top of da Bronx and will be assigned to the 3rd Division, from where he was promoted as a Firefighter. As saddened as we are to see him leave, we're happy to congratulate him on his promotion to Captain. We enjoyed your humor and thank you for your years with us as another great fire officer, not even including all your tips!! From all the members at the "Top of da Bronx", we wish you the best of luck and a safe and successful career moving forward Cap!! You will be missed.



2 Probies Catch Their First Job

Saturday, July 19, 2014 Approx 240 As a busy night tour finally began to wind down for Probationary Firefighters Tancredi and Gillen both companies were turned out by Bronx Communications on Box 3598 reporting a fire at 203 East 233rd Street. As companies proceeded down 233 Street and just a few blocks from our quarters, flames could be seen issuing from windows on the top floor. Engine 63 quickly transmitted the 10-75 for fire out 3 windows on the top floor of a 3-Story Brick MD. Probie Gillen (Can-man) quickly made his way into the building with the inside team in an effort to hold the fire from advancing throughout the apartment. Probie Tancredi (nozzle-man) and the back step of Engine 63 quickly brought their hand line up to the fire floor and extinguished the two rooms burning. Firefighters removed one occupant from the fire apartment whom was transported to a local hospital by Ems. Division 7 reported the fire under control in approximately 30 minutes. Congrats to Probationary Firefighters Gillen and Tancredi on a job well done at their first fire!



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